Instalment 3 of The Custom Integrator Show is live looking at hardware and how to start categorizing the technical architectures within the box.

Welcome to Installment 003 of The Custom Integrator Show. First of all, thank you for the feedback and encouragement. It sounds like at least some of you are starting to see where we are going and are getting some ideas on things to consider as a Windows Media Center ecosystem integrator. We finally start digging in a little deeper this week and take a look from the inside out. In other words, we start to get into the Windows Media Center PC itself, some of the requirements you need to consider when matching capabilities to feature sets and deliverables as you analyze the machine’s subsystems. We also touch, once again, on looking to the future and how to start drawing some lines between what you may need to provide for the future versus how far out you want to take that “cutting edge.”

The Custom Integrator Show Installment 003 is Live

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