Julie Jacobson on CE Pro has a great speculative post on whether Hulu got its content pulled from Boxee and other settop boxes to save itself for Windows Media Center in Windows 7. Julie points out that Hulu was co-founded by NBC which has worked with Media Center before with Olympics and other content and Microsoft has been touting the the Internet TV features of Windows 7 Media Center (the IPTV content is integrated with the TV guide). Julie says she has no evidence for this and its just speculation but it would make sense and it would be a massive boost for Windows Media Center if Hulu was in Media Center out of the box. I know there is secondrun.tv and TunerFreeMCE but if its included with the standard build it would be a great selling feature for Windows 7

Checkout Julie’s post on CE Pro

4 thoughts on “Hulu Saving itself for Windows 7 Media Center?”
  1. While this sounds great and all, I seriously doubt this is the case. Hulu has said publicly the reasoning for not wanting Hulu on TV-connected devices is that their content providers (read: owners) don’t want the content to be used for TV viewing. They also privately have said they are do not support any 3rd party services.

    I don’t see Hulu’s direction going this way any time soon. They think they have too much to lose from the many agreements with cable/satellite companies and local stations at this point. Until that mood changes we won’t see anything official from Hulu or the other networks.

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