One if the new features of Windows Media Center in Windows 7 is native support of DVB-S (digital satellite), with a DVB-S enabled tuner card and a satellite dish you can pickup hundreds of free channels using FreeSat (in the UK). In fact a nice feature is that you can have a hybrid tuner card that can pickup DVB-T services like Freeview and DVB-S channels at the same time.

As I don’t have a dish setup at home I haven’t been able to test it so Ashleigh (the ape on Twitter) sent me a video of FreeSat in action on his Media Center system. In the video you can see all the channels available, BBC HD and the multi-tuner setup. One thing I forgot to mention in the voiceover is that the little padlock symbols on the TV channels in the guide indicates an encrypted channel

The tuners used where two Pinnacle 7010ix tuners

Download (WMV)Download (M4V)Watch via Youtube

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