I spotted an interesting event for Media Center developers going on in London. At a Vbug London meeting in March John Price will be demonstrating Media Center development and how the Xbox 360 fits in with the picture

“We’ll take a look at what Media Center is across its history, but specifically whats available for us in Vista Media Center. We’ll have a look at its features, look at the different programming modules available for this platform, and have a look at how to get started writing code for it.
We’ll look at extenders and how the Xbox 360 can allow information to be shared across multiple locations in a house. We’ll look at using some home automation, and end with a look at whats different in the Media Center thats part of Windows 7.”

More details and booking information on VBugLondon’s blog

I should have details on the first UK Windows Media Center / Windows Home Server event soon where we will hopefully have a session on Media Center development from a top Media Center developer

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