Bjorn (regular listener and emailer to the show) at Cybersmart systems let me know that their web site has gone live today, Cybersmart are a custom integrators that use Windows Media Center as the core their systems and use software like mControl and Open Media Library as part as their installs. Bjorn will be on the [tmcs] in the future.


Riverside, California, 02/20/2009 – Cybersmart Systems Corporation is pleased to announce that their web property went live this morning after many weeks of closed beta testing.  We would like to extend our thanks to all who participated in the trial which we believe has left us with an world class web property.

Cybersmart Systems is a custom integrator of technologies that deliver distributed media, home automation and video surveillance.  Unlike traditional audio/video installers, Cybersmart Systems approach is based on web convergence technologies and how they can be meshed with traditional hardware to make a seamlessly integrated solution for all your entertainment, convenience and security needs.

We have offices located in Southern California, USA and the Thames Valley/London, UK.

For additional information please Contact: Bjorn Morris, [email protected]


Bjorn Morris


Cybersmart Systems

(951) 836 7934

[email protected]

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