I really liked the Windows Media Center Sideshow gadgets when I tried it on my Windows Mobile device (see this video for a demo) and I used it it quite a few times since then. So I disappointed to see that after January 1st the Sideshow platform no longer worked on Windows Mobile, fortunately Microsoft have released an updated build (still called a preview, not even a beta yet!)

I am going to give it a try as I liked browsing the guide data from my phone, it would be very nice to see Play To implemented on Windows Mobile in the future and have that working with the sideshow gadget. You can download the preview from Microsoft

Windows® SideShow™ for Windows Mobile® is an application for Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 Pocket PCs and Smartphones that allows you to use your Windows Mobile device as a Bluetooth SideShow-compatible device. This enables you to use your phone as an extra window into your PC. You can both access your computer’s information from your Pocket PC or Smartphone, and control the computer through a gadget interface. While the phone is out of range, or when your computer is off, you can continue to view content sent to the phone previously. This makes it easy to send information to the phone that you’ll need later on.
The developer preview is an English-only release.

via msmobiles

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