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I have a great show this week, I have an interview with Microsoft’s Scott Evans talking about the New American Home which includes a whole home Media Center solution and I have The Digital Lifestyle.com Awards show recorded live at CES. The recording features bloggers and enthusiasts talking Windows Media Center, Windows Home Server and the winners of the awards.

I also have email and a round up of the news

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00:50 Coming up this week
02:13 Email: Help from Ben Drawbaugh – digitalconnection.com/ and engadgethd.com/2006/02/08/how-to-connect-your-pc-to-your-hdtv/
04:14 Email: Blueray Media Center Extender?
06:10 Media Center is still a Platform!
09:19 Video: Random collection of videos from CES
09:15 Fun Video from CES 2009
09:58 Tools for Windows 7 Media Center developers and testers
10:25 DISH on Windows Media Center with Windows 7
11:05 Installing Windows 7 on a HP TouchSmart IQ500
11:37 Play To compatible devices
12:24 Follow me on Twitter
13:14 Microsoft Named Platinum Technology Sponsor for the New American Home 2009
13:51 Scott Evans on the New American Home 2009
18:43 The Digital Lifestyle.com Awards
19:20 Introductions
20:50 Best Free Windows Media Center Application: My Movies
23:27 Free applications
24:42 Best Commercial Media Center Application
28:32 Best Commercial Windows Home Server Application: Twonky Server
33:00 Best Utility: MCE MenuMender
34:17 Best Media Center community resource: The Green Button
35:07 Best Free Windows Home Server Application: My Movies
37:04 DVD playback on Media Center Extenders
40:35 Codex on Windows 7
41:50 Vote Stats
44:35 Extender chat
49:27 Windows Home Server usage
54:23 Best Windows Home Server Community: WeGotServerd.co.uk
55:17 CES chat
56:55 Toshiba Media Center Extender
58:58 Xbox RROD issues
01:01:49 Windows 7
01:04:58 Plugs!!
01:06:00 See you next week, what do we do for show 200?

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