CE Pro have a feature on cyberManor, the winner of Microsoft’s 2008 Windows Media Center Ultimate Install Contest. The article looks at the technology cyberManor used to deliver the complete system, there is also a great slideshow showing how everything is connected. CE Pro also have an interview with cyberManor president Gordon van Zuiden where he talked about using PC networks in the home and using the Media Center / Extender architecture.

Both articles are a good read, Gordon has some good ideas on whole home installations using Windows Media Center and I had the pleasure of chatting with Gordon at CES which can hear on Show #189

01.23.2009 — Ever since the introduction of IP-based home control systems, integrators have been seeking a workable business model that relies on labor revenues rather than equipment mark-ups.
Gordon van Zuiden, president of cyberManor, has not only discovered that model, but is also using it to differentiate his company.
The nine-year-old company, based in Los Gatos, Calif., is one of the few integrators to have successfully patterned its business around integrated IP-based audio/video and data/control installations based on Microsoft’s Media Center platform. cyberManor recently won Microsoft’s 2008 Windows Media Center Ultimate Install Contest.
Maybe it’s because van Zuiden and his team started out selling home data networking solutions back in 1999 that he is comfortable with jobs that routinely last as long as three years and run into six figures in terms of cost.

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