I was rather shocked to find that my Vista Media Center Decoder has just clocked up it’s 180,000th download. That is an awful lot of Vista Media Center users tinkering with their codecs. I have no idea how that compares with other VMC tools out there but I’m impressed by the number.  Its rather humbling to think of all those people using something I threw together. I just hope it has been useful to those who have downloaded it.

A small plea here I get a lot of mail from people saying that VMCD is being flagged as being a Trojan by some SpyWare detectors. It is not but it does update the registry which some of the scanners seem to think is trojan-like behaviour. Again I can say the download from my site I have checked and double checked and it is not infected. So here is the plea, if you do get a report that it is a trojan can you report this as a false-positive to your anti-spyware provider. I am quite happy to supply anti-spyware companies with any data they need.



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