Tranquil PC make some excellent Windows Home Servers like the T7-HSA I reviewed in November last year. In October Tranquil launched the SQA-5H (also know as Squash) and last week I nipped down to Tranquil’s office in Manchester and pickup one of the new home servers for a review. This is my unboxing and first look video of the SQA-5H which I was very impressed with.

You can also hear Tranquil’s David Thompson on The Media Center Show #178

For more information go to Tranquil’s web site

0 thoughts on “Video: Unboxing a Tranquil SQA-5H Windows Home Server”
  1. I was looking for a video for the SQA-5H last week cheers Ian. I would recommend any manufacturer to release video of new products pictures never do this sort of thing justice!

  2. Thanks for the video Ian, should have mine tomorrow mornng, and from what I have seen on your vid, should be up and running in no time!!!!

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