I was bored looking around You Tube and stumbled on this video, some guy building his HTPC, not that interesting I hear you say?
The video is pretty cool I think and the thing I like the most about this video is the sound track he used which is a really cool track!
Think it’s from the 1995 Hackers movie, take a look here.

Think I might just watch Hackers again, great film and have not seen it for a long time!

3 thoughts on “Great You Tube Video – HTPC Build”
  1. The song in the video is “Halcyon (and On and On)” by Orbital. It’s a great classic! In fact the whole Hackers soundtrack is a great album to have.

  2. Yeah your correct, I downloaded the sound track last night and that is the name of the song. I am an old skool raver myself from the early nineties in England when the scene was just really starting! So I should have known the group’s name at least!

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