One Extender for Windows Media Center I have not been able to test is Samsung’s MediaLive Extender. This Extender is designed to work only with selected Samsung TVs and can be mounted behind the TV as it can be controlled over HDMI

Ben Drawbaugh has reviewed all of the Windows Media Center extenders and today reviews the Samsung Extender. I think Ben liked the unit but did found some issues with it

Checkout Ben’s review for all the details

One of the reasons why Microsoft’s Media Center is so attractive is because of the extender functionality. It allows you to enjoy just about all the same content in every room of your house, without the need to buy more than one HTPC. But with variety sometimes brings hard choices, so this motivated us to start a quest to find the best Media Center Extender. While the Xbox 360 is the obvious choice for most, it isn’t the best solution for everyone. So we started out by comparing it to every extender out there. But since our initial shoot out, a few more Extenders have made their way to market, and the most recent addition is the Samsung MediaLive Media Adapter. At first glance it seems that this is the perfect solution for anyone with a Samsung TV, and while the tight integration, great price, and diminutive size is attractive, you’ll have to click though to find out why we’re still on the hunt for the perfect Windows Media Center Extender.

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