Julie Jacobson on CE Pro has an interesting couple of articles on how with Windows 7 Microsoft are focusing on the TV features of Windows Media Center . The post With Windows 7, Media Center is All About the TV points out how Microsoft is improving on the TV features of Media Center for the new release with features like IPTV an Turbo scroll (but no DirecTV tuner)

The IPTV and improved EPG are just two examples of Media Center’s improved user interface.
The others are too numerous to mention, but "Turbo Scroll" is one good example of how seriously Microsoft is taking TV navigation.
With Turbo Scroll, the longer you hold the scroll button, the faster the EPG forwards. This feature is a vast improvement over today’s capabilities. Currently you have to hit the FORWARD button for every 12 hours you want to skip – a big pain if you want to fast forward a couple of weeks.
Another important new feature is touchscreen navigation.

The 2nd post called Microsoft Bolsters Back End for Building Media Center & TV Solutions looks at how manufactures can create their own TV hardware and applications without needing to have to work with Microsoft

As part of that initiative, Microsoft has made it infinitely simpler for third-party developers to create TV-related hardware and applications.
For example, manufacturers can now develop cable tuners and other cable solutions on their own, without burdening Microsoft.
"For the first time, there doesn’t need to be a direct relationship with us," says Geoff Robertson, general manager of Microsoft’s eHome division.
He adds that there will be "lots and lots of tuners without the help from Microsoft."

Both articles are worth reading and the more I play with Windows 7 the more I like it

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  1. The problem is that I’m starting to find out that while MS is working on TV, other HTPC apps out there are working on everything. TV, web video, streaming, etc.

    I still say that MS is going to get left behind if they don’t do more than just add some new TV perks.

  2. Adam…. Ye of Little faith :). Microsoft has to walk gently in this space. Also realize that Microsoft always approached the battle field with a pincher movement in mind, e.g. Media Center AND xbox. the same applies to their relationships with the network providers/content providers. so just wait and see what happens, as that is what they are doing also… do not favor or discount either of their flanks just yet ;), but definitely watch for charge up the middle coming soon 

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