There is something about the netbook category that I like, I think it’s the gadget like nature of the devices. The Mini 1000 is HP’s latest netbook model and last night I unboxed the unit I will be giving away as part of the HP Magic competition. My first impressions are that while it’s slightly bigger than my EEE PC 701 the screen is bigger and the keyboard is full size.

The problem I have with the EEE PC is that the keys are slightly too small and if I have any blog posts to do I end up using another machine as I keep miss hitting the keys. However the keyboard on the HP netbook is much better, almost the same size as my tablet PC. I have only had chance to have a quick play but so far I am impressed, I would love to try Windows 7 on it but I will resist the temptation as the unit is being given away.

I tested video playback on it and it worked very well, so it could make a good devices for taking recorded TV with you on the go.

This model is prices in the US at $499 and runs Windows XP with 1GB of RAM

You can win this netbook as well as part of a $6000 prize pack on make sure you follow me on twitter to get the first info on my giveaway


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  1. Nice job. I love the way HP has added the etching to their new notebooks. They’re the one PC manufacturer that puts out products which approach Apple’s level of stylishness. The Mini 1000 seems to be a handy little machine for sure.

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