It looks like TheGreenButton has a new blogger, Pete Brown’s new blog is aiming to “documents my life living with Media Center in a family of four in the American middle west.”. Pete is working for Microsoft and it looks like his brief is to see how Microsoft can improve the communications with the community:

Microsoft is one of my clients, and one of my tasks is investigating how they can better serve the community of Media Center users, and learn more from what is, by all accounts, a passionate, committed and dedicated group of enthusiast unlike any other.

What does this mean, exactly? I like to think of myself, for the moment, as dedicated eyes and ears on the site, keeping watch for issues that many of you are experiencing, or subjects that draw the most passion. I’m on the lookout for questions that stymie the community, and hope to link those questions to a Microsoft expert for answers.

The line I walk, of course, is that I am both working for Microsoft and an average end user. I’m not with the team in Redmond, but far afield in Ohio. I’m having the same issues you are having, and experiencing the same successes as well, and that’s what this blog is about.

So welcome to Pete, I am looking forward to reading his blog and seeing if he can make a difference

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