PCmag have an interesting article on Windows Media Center TV Pack, it highlights the features, the pitfalls and how to install TV Pack.  Adam Thursby points out it has some good information on how to get CleanQAM working well. Checkout the rest of the article on HERE

What’s the neatest feature in Microsoft‘s Windows Vista operating system? The answer is simple: Windows Media Center. And the good news is that the media-centric interface just got its biggest overhaul since Vista launched. The Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008 software lets PCs receive high-definition cable content without requiring specially certified systems (though CableCARDs are required for premium, encrypted content). That means high-def cable for the rest of us!

The TV Pack was released on July 16, replacing the existing Media Center code in Vista with a new version—6.1.1000.18273. Here’s the bad news (or, maybe, not-so-great news): It’s an OEM-only upgrade, so you can’t download it through Windows Update or from Microsoft.com. It’s intended for release to manufacturers only, and there’s no guarantee they’ll offer it as an upgrade to current users. In fact, there are only a handful of places on Microsoft’s collection of Web sites that mention it at all; visit Media Center’s main digs on the corporate portal and you can’t even tell that there’s been an upgrade. With even less fanfare (not so much as a press release), the company officially launched TV Pack at this year’s CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) show in September, where manufacturers such as Life|ware and Niveus Media released computers with the new code.

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  1. Definitely a good read! Sums up a lot of the information from TGB, including the HVR-series tuners. It’s a real shame about Lifextender. I just found out about it after I upgraded to the TVPack. Stupid WTV…. But we all know, it was still well worth it.

  2. Good read! I’ve had TVPack for a few weeks now and I didn’t know about the personal guide feature. I’ll have to check that out later.
    One thing I’m finding though, maybe it is just me, but the CPU is cranking more than it used to pre-tvpack install.

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