next generation Remote Control (ngRC) Release Candidate 1 is now available for download.

You can see a review of ngRC here on The Digital Lifestyle!

The following is from the Developers site:

“It’s done, the new Version of ngRC 2.0 is available now… Here is a list of improvements towards the beta Version of 2.0:

  • fixed play all Problem (double added)
  • fixed settings page display error
  • implemented amount reduction of lists (let choose amount to display)
  • implemented prefered coverArt Image Filter (e.g. folder.jpg)
  • implemented default setting for maxAmount for lists
  • removed auto-refresh in actual playing, now refresh button instead
  • fixed ch+, ch-, vol-up, vol-down and mute button on extenders
  • made keyboards bit larger for better handling
  • Enhanced XML-Api for better using
  • Implemented Volume Feedback Display on Keyboard
  • Fixed actual playing List problems
  • some clean up and other small things
The new version can be downloaded on Sourceforge:
Have a look at the settings.jsp in the folder InstallDir/tomcat/webapps/ngrc/skins/pspiphone.  There you can set the coverArtName-Filter and the defaulMaxItems, have a look in the file for a detailed description.
Have fun using ngRC, looking forward for feedback!”
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