image Well folks it’s about to start and its going to give us some great stuff to talk about and ponder for a couple of days.  I’m talking about PDC, Microsoft’s Professional Developer conference.  On the way we know is the first chance anyone will have to play with Windows 7, I wonder if Media Center will be in there or if it will be removed for now?  Some spy shots seem to indicate it might be there…

One of the the things that we will get to play with right away though is a much updated version of Live Mesh.  I blogged about how it’s part of my backup strategy already, but this may well make it so much more!  The Live Mesh blog is calling the update that will come out Major.  Also this is going to be a compulsory upgrade if you want to continue using Live Mesh.

What we also know is that this takes it out of “Technology Preview” and into Beta and the team are promising new stuff.

If I had to hazard a guess I’d say (and I hope) we’ll see a Windows Mobile client, and excitingly I think an API and SDK are a pretty fair bet.  Why is that exciting, well that means that specialised solutions using Live Mesh as a platform will be just around the corner for Windows Home Server and for Media Center and anything else you might like to imagine.

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  1. Yeah I’m really hoping that they do release it, lost of good stuff to be had there…given Azure today it really should be released….

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