image A couple of days ago I got an XBox 360, the one with the 60gb drive.  Now I’m wondering what I should do with it!

I’ve used Ian’s guide to get it running as an extender, currently it’s sitting right next to my Media Center so it’s not Extending very far!  Eventually it’s going to end up in our bedroom (most likley behind a soundproof cupboard) but that’s not going to happen until I’ve finished rebuilding the bedroom, so not for a month or so.  Everything looks great on it, although the video quality is a little rubbish, I think that’s more the TV than anything else though.

I was a little late to pickup the chance to join the preview, but the new XBox experience, the UI, looks like it’s going to be cool.  Xbox360Fanboy seems to have some of the scoop.

I’m not a massive gamer, casual is more like the right level.  What should I do with it now though?  What should I be signing up for?  What games should are worth picking up?

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  1. Wow! The possibilities! If you’re not a hardcore gamer I would recommend setting up Xbox Live and going through the games on the marketplace. There are a lot of good casual games on there. (I think a Silver Account will allow you to download, just can’t play with others.)

    As far as full releases??? What kind of games do you like to play? FPS, Racing, RPG?

  2. That was fast. Games wise I think FPS and Racing are the best bet that type of thing…I’m thinking Halo3 and maybe Gears of War?

  3. I agree with Adam, get a Silver account and download some of the demos. I am a driving game fan Forza Motorsport 2 is my current fav, and I really enjoyed Fight Night Round 2

  4. Well, FPS, GoW would be good since GoW2 is coming and you’ll have played the first one to understand story and whatnot. Also, CoD4 is one of the best out there. I recommend getting a Gold account if you get that though since playing online is one of the best Live experiences available.

    For racing, I’m with Ian. Forza 2 is excellent as is Burnout Paradise if you want that arcadey type action. My son loves it.

    My gamertag is MolsonFL MXG. Send me an invite when you’re all connected!

  5. GTA4 is a must have game! Call of Duty series is excellent also. New Resident Evil 4 and Tombraider Under World are planned soon if not out already? And should both be amazing if you like those genres!

  6. Here is the littany:

    1. Get it in your living room, bedroom or guest bedroom (if ya have one)
    2. Setup up a live mesh folder on your media center and start synch’n down podcasts or videos so you can watch/listen to them while siting at the couch or lying in bed, or just haning out
    3. Create a little playlist of chirstmas songs and family pictures and get ready to entertain with vidoe music running through out your home during a christmas party (each room could have its own theme)
    4. Create a folder of security camera captures (or video) that you can review from any room
    5. Start downloading free movie trailers or other content directly to the xbox
    6. Watch TV, live or recorded via the extender (duh! – get that xbox in another room… it will work hard wired or wireless to the extender)
    7. Buy a xbox remote and program it to run the xbox and TV
    8. Connect it to you Home Server to play back content that ya rip from the internet (songs, HD gallaries and videos)
    9. Tune into MSN news or Reuters via Media CEnter and watch INternet TV in any room
    10. PLay games as everyone already suggested
    11. Get an Xbox cam and/or talk online
    12. Watch a DVD
    13. Hook it up to surround around system and check it out
    14. Stream LIve HDTV to it from your Media Center (Clear QAM or OTA)
    15. Stream recorded HDTV to it (or ripped trailers/movies)
    16. Select the programming that you want to record on your Media Center TV for the next 2 weeks (or years if you are recording a series)
    17. Organize and tag your recorded content on VMC
    18. Organize and tag music and pictures on VMC
    19. Burn and DVD or CD from your XBOX to your VMC
    20. Clean up your VMC recorded vidoe library
    21. Do nothing… (like most people that have an Xbox and VMC that are not connected 😉

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