While the details of the Windows 7 version of Media Center are just coming out I am sure there are lots of questions about the update. I am going to be interviewing Microsoft’s Charlie Owen on [tmcs] and I would like to get answers some of your questions answered. I am not promising to get answers for all of the questions but I will add them to my list.

I am so pleased to get Charlie back on the show, its been to long Charlie!

Oh and on a side note, what do we call the Windows 7 version of Media Center? We had XP MCE for the XP version and VMC for the Vista version so do we have 7WMC or SMC (Seven Media Center)?

23 thoughts on “Got any questions about Windows Media Center in Windows 7?”
  1. I like SMC. Ask Charlie about DIVX support on XBOX 360 MCX lol. Also we need more details about H.264 and which containers we can use?

  2. Ask about the media libraries as well they seem to not be merged anymore as in Vista, but Music, Pictures, Videos, Recorded TV now seem to have their own respective media libraries. Also has the default 200 x 200 low-res album art in WMP11 been sorted out with the new Media Player?

  3. I like 7MC. I would like to see the possibility to access password protected shared folders (no guest account)from the extenders, so I could have the general library and then have customised libraries for each room/bedroom, so my pictures my music and videos would only show on the extender in my bedroom, and my sister or my parents, wich have a very different musical taste would have just their stuff. It would be shared libraries and personal libraries. Also subtitle support in the extenders (every entry level divx player have this). One more thing, a podcast viewer right in media center.

  4. Ask if we’ll be able to fast-forward/rewind non-microsoft formats/containers (e.g., m4v, xvid, not wmv/dvr-ms/wtv)

    Ask if I can have a copy 🙂 hehe

    MC7? 7MC?

  5. It would be nice to know if we need new extenders to run Windows 7 Media Center. I bet XBOX360 will be supported, but I have a DMA2100 which I would very much like to support Windows 7 through a firmware upgrade or similar.

  6. Can you ask if Webguide will be updated to work with the new guide code that is currently in TV Pack and is also in Windows 7 MC.

  7. I’ve seen the writeup that Charlie did on his blog – very nice by the way. My first impression is that it looks like this new version gives us some nice UI and “pretty” enhancements and then H.264 and TV Pack. I’m not seeing anything significant in Media Center that we didn’t already think we would be getting with Fiji.

    * will there be support for Hauppauge HD-PVR now that h.264 will be available?
    * Is this “shared libraries” really like softsled? Does it allow a single PC to serve other HTPCs in the home to access that content, control that content and view live TV? Can you view show or movie on one PC and go to another and start that show or movie where you left off on the first HTPC?
    * When will MS7 be available?
    *Will there be different versions of Media Center?
    *Any ability to customize menus with the new MC7?
    *What kind of online content will be added? Hulu? Netflix? Others?

    Thats all I can think of so far. Thanks!

  8. Yeah, I’d also like to know about Extenders, Hulu and Fast Forward/Rewind, (though I have a feeling FF/RW is a limitation of the codecs, not DirectShow).

  9. Matroska is actually fairly easy to add to vmc, just took a small registry change.

    Ask him about bluray support in media center and support for firewire cable decoders as input devices (like the motorola boxes comcast has)

  10. Just looking at the screenshots from Charlies blog, it looks like the wall of album covers has been pulled straight from the Zune software….which bodes well.

  11. I would very much like to know if the “H.264 support”, that Charlie talks about on his blog, means that Media Center in Windows 7 supports HD TV broadcasts in H.264.
    Could you please ask him?

  12. I have over 2000 music albums, will browsing large music libraries be easier then previous iterations? Can you please allow keyboards in the extenders

  13. 1.) Will there be native support for Blu-Ray playback in the new Media Center (wtihout the need for external programs)?

    2.) Will there be native support for DTS-HD and Dolby True-HD audio?

    3.) Will there ever be a solution that truely integrates DirecTV and Media Center? God knows they have the DRM necessary for it.

    4.) Will Microsoft ever implement a multi-zone audio solution within Media Center?

    5.) Will Microsoft ever create a decent remote control that’s worth a damn?

  14. Oh man…they better not make us shell out for new extenders. This would be a death blow for them this early after Vista and V2 extenders. Plus there is too much competition out there now.

    Ogre, I don’t have any Matroska files to test it out on, but you can play just about anything with ffdshow and haali splitter and some reg hacks. See this page: http://is.gd/5a4l However, this all works through the VMC interface at your computer, not your extender.

    Brent, I want one of those HD-PVR. It would be great to see it work with VMC. You can edit the menus a bit now with Menu Mender.

  15. Yeah, I know how to get MKV’s working in VMC, what I was talking about before was actual “support” from Microsoft. Like having the ability to toggle subtitles and switch audio streams and stuff without having to install Media Control. Heh, when I replied earlier, I thought “Ray” was implying that he had some registry tweak and magically enabled proper MKV support but later I realized that’s impossible.

  16. My only real question right now would have to be dealing with Divx/Xvid support. It’s been stated that WMP 12 will support the avi formats out of the box without need for any additional codecs. Will this support be extended to the 360 extender.

    Also, can he comment on anything regarding better Zune integration with playlists/media?

    Should all current 3rd party apps (myTV, MyMovies, TVTonic etc.) continue to work with 7MC?

    They’ve pretty much given me everything else I want for now with easier sharing, softsled like networking (live tv???) and the ability to resume video files other than recorded TV.

  17. The question I would have is the convergence of Zune and Home Server with Media Center. Also, I would like to know what is the status of Media Center and Directv.

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