Vidabox are now shipping RoomClientHD media extender (not a Windows Media Center Extender) thay offers Blu-ray and DVD streaming. No price information at the moment and it does require a Vidabox server. I will have Vidabox on a future show so if you have any questions for them let me know

More details on Vidabox’s website and info from CE Pro

09.29.2008 — VidaBox is now shipping its RoomClientHD media extender that offers Blu-ray and DVD streaming.

RoomClientHD connects to any HD or SD TV via HDMI, DVI or VGA cables and offers 1080p upscaling/playback of all content.

It also supports lossless audio codecs and has an option for a built-in Blu-ray drive for local playback.

RoomClientHD comes preconfigured with Microsoft Vista Home Premium and a Media Center user interface.

VidaBox says the user needs Cat5e/6 cabling and one of the company’s
media servers for RoomClientHD to work. VidaBox recently introduced its
RACK24 Server that has 22TB of storage.


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  1. As I just Twittered to you, how can it support the HD audio formats if it doesn’t even have HDMI outputs?

    This sounds more like a compact (Mac Mini Style) PC than an “extender”.

    so I guess the questions would be, how does it support blu ray playback, how does it support DD True HD and DTS MA?

    What playback software are they supporting with this device, ect…

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