I am not the most tidy of people and when building up a Media Center system over a period of time the cables and components have got a little messy so to help with the WAF I bought a new cabinet. I am currently using Windows Home Server, a home brew Media Center PC and HP’s TouchSmart IQ500 all serving out content to Extenders so I wanted to get as much as I could in to a cabinet with the exception of the TouchSmart which could sit on top. I found a nice looking cabinet at a local store and now this has got all my kit in to it so my wife is happy. I did add some ventilation to the back of the unit as it was getting a little warm in there.


Jack and James Birthday 005 IMG_0336


IMG_1120 IMG_1119

3 thoughts on “New home for my Media Center system”
  1. Nice! The cables are a killer. My VMC has 5 tuners now so coax and splitters and power warts and on and on. Glad I have a full closet for this stuff.

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