More CEDIA news from CE Pro: Lifeware have launched an all in one server with Windows Media Center, 5.1 amp and Zigbee all built in. Lifeware is pretty high end stuff aimed at the custom installer market.

The new LMS-170 series of media servers will debut at CEDIA Expo 2008.
"We think it’s perfect for a single room," says Lifeware CEO Seale Moorer. "This is our in-and-out-without-a-doubt box."
Moorer says that Lifeware, developer of home automation solutions based on Media Center, has received many requests lately for ZigBee mesh-networking capabilities. Rather than rely on a ZigBee dongle ("I don’t like dongles; they’re messy," says Moorer), Lifeware decided to build the technology into a new entry-level box that also includes surround sound.

Lifeware All-in-One Server Includes Media Center, 5.1 Surround Sound and ZigBee

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