If you have a Mac network and where wondering how to integrate Windows Media Center into your network then this article from hackaday.com explains how to do it.  The article takes you step by step  through the process from the Mac side as well as the changes needed to get Media Center working. Personally I prefer to use Windows Home Server with my network but it’s nice to have the option

MCE, as it’s commonly referred to, can play back DVDs, music, videos, and broadcast TV all from one interface using a single remote. We wanted to build a home network that would centralize all our media, provide Time Machine backups for the Apple computers, and also act as a bittorrent client and print server.

We knew we could easily set up another Windows machine to act like a server, but Time Machine only supports writing to Mac formatted drives. There is information out there that shows how to get around this, but we didn’t want to risk our backups using unsupported methods. Running a NAS box was out as well for the same reason

Thanks to b3nz0n8 for the tip

Pictures from Hackaday