I am Vice President of R & D for Interactive Homes, Inc. ( I provide consulting, design, development, and implementation services for manufacturers and consumer electronics installation companies on new technologies, products, and strategies related to standards-based Distributed Audio, Video, Communications, and Control (DAVCC) systems for the home and consumer market spaces. My long-term goal is to be instrumental in the development and deployment of entertainment systems on space stations and space colonies.

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  1. Derek,

    This is WAY COOL. On behalf of our diverse and talented community (if I might), “Welcome” and congratulations on yet another way for you to share you vast and bleeding-edge knowledge and experience with not only high-end consumers (aren’t we all?), integrators, and installers, BUT with industry-leading technology developers and manufacturers. Your deep insight, backed by many years on the job and having authored multiple papers, articles, and blogs, makes yours one “not to miss”.

    Your joining the “great and wonderful”, “King of all Media Center”, Ian Dixon’s and The Media Center Show, will certainly prove to be an awesome addition to those teams.

    All the best, enough of this well-deserved praise, and get back to work on making it WORK!

    I am looking forward to continuing to enjoy The Media Center Show (and other very interesting STUPH you can use!), NOW w/DrFlick! 


  2. This is really great news and something I’ve been looking for, for a long time. Ian thanks for all the great work and putting this together. The new site looks great BTW.

  3. I can’t wait to see Dr Flick in lower earth orbit!

    Good wishes on your unselfish sharing and creative blog.

  4. Yo Dr Flick,

    I just got digital Comcast and now need to integrate this with my MS Media Center. What are the options?

  5. Larry,

    Thank you for your comment. I have not been ignoring your request. The answer is a long one, especially since you provided no information on your Windows Media Center PC and ecosystem. As you know, your options are a lot different if you built your own versus purchasing one of the ones that is certified for running CableCARDs. It also depends upon what tuner types you have and where the equipment is located. It definitely is an area we have on our agenda to discuss in the near future and I will be sure to let you know when we are ready to go live with it.


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