Sony have released two new TP1 models. The TP1 is the circle shaped PC that would make a nice Media Center machine, according to EngadgetHD there are two models out one of which is in white with a 2.1GHZ Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, GeForce 8400M GT graphics card and a 320GB drive. The other model is in black and adds a 500GB and Blu-ray.

Both are out in a couple of weeks in Japan



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  1. Does this PC have the OEM specs to handle ATI’s USB capture device that uses CableCard?

    I’m having trouble discerning which computers out there are capable of working with CableCard. Apparently the Dell XPS 420 does this, but not even Dell’s website gives us any indication that this is a special OEM PC that can legally handle CableCards.

    I don’t want to buy some machine and find out that it doesn’t have the blessings to run CableCard. Can you guide me on this?

  2. Dana I don’t think this is cablecard ready as it’s designed for Japan and not the US. But maybe the US model is, i will try and find out

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