I was reading a CNET post on why digital downloads will overtake Blu-ray and I almost agree.

While I don’t think it will happen over night, I am sure digital downloads will over take physical disks in the future. The problem Blu-ray has is that for most people standard DVD is good enough.  Xbox Live and Apple TV are showing that digital downloads can work.  I know internet speeds need to increase but they will, it’s only a few years ago that we were on 36k dial up modems. Windows Media Center needs a movie download service to stay relevant, while I like the Xbox service there needs to be a 10 foot Media Center version. It makes me wonder what collectors will do, I know a lot of people that like to collect DVDs and they will switch to Blu-ray over time but can you collect digital downloads?

Are you a collector of DVDs? If so let me know what you think

Digital downloads will be Blu-ray’s downfall | Tech news blog – CNET News.com

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4 thoughts on “Will Digital downloads will be Blu-ray’s downfall?”
  1. With the “new” ability of the DVD Library in VMC, I’ve become a DVD collector (I already were for music CD’s)…without any doubt, the future is download, download, storage, storage…. 🙂 …end of format war, it’s just so convenient, it makes all the sense…

  2. Yes, all of them, I no longer have DVD discs around my system….well, I don’t have a huge DVD collection, since I only buy/keep those that I really like…

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