Now that I have the video out on Linksys’ DMA2100 I thought I would try the DMA2200. This is the big brother of the 2100 and includes an upscaling DVD Player. (You can read my first impression in here)

This video shows the unboxing of the DMA2200, the setup process and getting it working with my Media Center system.



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7 thoughts on “Video: Unboxing and setting up a Linksys DMA2200 Media Center Extender”
  1. Great Videos Ian. I am awaiting release in the UK.

    Is the one you have an EU model and, other than the power plug, is/will the UK be any different?

    Thanks, Alan

  2. It is a EU model, it came with UK and European plugs. It looks no different to the unit I saw at CES, so I bet the units are all the same

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  4. It appears that when you play a DVD on the 2200 it ends it VMC session. It then seems to take an age to return to VMC when you end your DVD session.

    I know that putting a DVD in the tray starts a session but if leave the DVD in and go to VMC session, you have to go back to the Linksys Menu to return to DVD.

    I use a Harmony RC & it can be difficult if you switch activities (e.g. to Sky) and then want to return to a DVD session. I have VMC as one activity and DVD as another, I will try some more tests tomorrow and see how I get on.

    Interested how others are doing!



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