I was about to packup the Linksys DMA2100 and unbox the 2200 when I thought it would be interesting to compare the Extender function of the Xbox 360 with the Linksys DMA2100. So with both extenders connected up to my TV I made a side by side comparison of the two users interfaces. I tried standard TV and some hi def content.

My next video will be the unboxing and setup of the DMA2200


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8 thoughts on “Video: Comparing The Xbox 360 with a Linksys DMA2100”
  1. From what I have ready, having a wired connection to the Linksys extender can help with responsiveness. Can you try this?

    Thanks, Simon

  2. I have been using it for a week via a wired network and didn’t notice any difference
    Have you seen the unboxing video of the 2100, I did that with a wired connection

  3. Ian Dixon stellt ein Video nach dem anderen ein: In seinem aktuellem Video versucht er die XBOX360 (Extender V1.5) gegen einen nagelneuen Linksys DMA Extender (Extender V2.0) zu vergleichen. Aber schaut selbst … [LINK] [Bildquelle: Ian Dixon]

  4. The 60Hz issue is a design limitation of the XBox360 when used in conjunction with the VGA cable. 50Hz is available on all the other connections (which is the setting I would recommend for PAL content), including component and HDMI. This will get around the telecine judder you were describing in the comparison review (easily seen on the news tickertapes on News24 or SkyNews).

  5. @Alexander, thanks for the tip, I can only use VGA on my xbox due to the way I wired it but HDMI would work if I got a new Xbox 🙂

  6. I am trying to make up my mind about the Linksys DMA2100
    I run a D-Link 624+ wireless on my XPS M1710 Laptop comes with Windows Media
    and XP Pro installed. I want to use it from office to lounge. Just wondering if any issues with my D-link 624+? Enjoyed your Video.

    Kind Regards Paul

  7. Guys, just check the userguide of the DMA2100 and ther DMA2200 on http://www.linksys.com/support. They can only support windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate. It’s not compatible with Vista Business (there is no Windows Media Center installed on this OS), XP and earlier OS.

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