If you have been following part 1 and part 2 of Chris Lanier’s Linksys review you want to read his wrap up in part 3. He has a nice table of pros and cons of the Extenders. I still think the Xbox 360 makes a great extender if the form factor works for you.

I’d really like to see Extenders integrated into future Blu-ray Disc Players. I believe this could generate additional revenue streams for manufactures by offering the Extender software download for a small price. The hardware that many players are built off of already supports everything it needs, so I believe this is truly the next step.

Other than that, Linksys needs to offer a firmware update to fix the video format capability issues ASAP. These v2 Extenders were delayed and delayed leaving the Xbox 360 as the only choice, now v2 Extenders are starting to become available with so many issues that the wait was hardly worth it.

Linksys Extender Review Part 3: Wrap-up

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