As I blogged about here at the moment there is no easy way to link Media Center and Home server without some heavy config work. But according to Philip Churchill Windows Home Server blog Recorded TV Manager could be an answer.

This is a addin for Windows Home Server, priced at $24.95 it has the following features:

  • Collections – Collect series episodes automatically to the Home Server (or other location) and then watch them in original broadcast order on any Media Center computer on the network.
  • AutoMove – Automatically move all new recordings on a specific Media Center computer to the Home Server (or other location).  Great for that old XP Media Center machine with the small hard drive!
  • AutoDelete – Automatically delete duplicate recordings and previously watched episodes.  Overcomes some of the shortcomings of the Media Center scheduler.
  • Runs 24/7 on the Home Server as a Windows Service Application. Fully configurable using the Recorded TV Manager tab in the Windows Home Server Console from any connected client machine on the Home Server network.


More info HERE, it looks a nice solution. I still want to know readers own experiences on where you locate there music and pictures on your network

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