Since I moved The Media Center Show to back in March I thought it would make sense to move my blog on to the site as well. MSN    Spaces has been a good home for my blog but it is better to have all my content on one site, so the blog, podcast and videos will all be on

The new home for my Blog is and the RSS feed for the blog is HERE

I will keep the Spaces blog going but the main updates will be on , there is always a risk in moving Blogs but hopefully I can make it worthwhile subscribing to the new feed.

So subscribe now to the new feed and lookout for my CES coverage starting Sunday

3 thoughts on “New Home for my Blog”
  1. I’m sorry Ian, but the technology behind your new Blog is dreadful. When I click “Blog”, I get 3 lines, no pictures, and with RSS feeds you only get 2 lines and no images in the feed, whereas your old site had complete articles with pictures for both. Please keep posting to the old site, because the technology on this site just isn’t up to scratch yet.

  2. The feed was only showing snipets of the posts when it was mirroring the spaces blog but now its set to full text with images etc. Can you take a look at the next post (the post for show 137) you should see the full post with images and the RSS feed should also have the full text.

    Thanks for the feedback

  3. Hi Ian. That works much better now. Thanks for sorting that out. I’ll ditch my old subscription and move to your new one. Keep up the good work!

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