On TheDigitalLifestyle.com we have a new blog by Ray Casey of Arestar (R*) . The Media Center in Aviation and Marine blog will focus on Media Center in a Marine environment. There is a lot of potential for Media Center in this environment, with home automation, touch screens and the ability to expand the system with the SDK plus its an area where the budget is higher than the average enthusiast so hopefully we will see some cool stuff.

Welcome to my new Blog on how Windows Media Center will radically change the landscape of how PC Centric systems will be used aboard planes, trains and automobiles within the CABIN space (OK, maybe not the “train” but I had to use that line)..  I have to specify the “cabin” as this is a hot topic if you are talking about instrumentation and critical control and navigation systems in the cockpit or canopy.  We will NOT be talking about Windows Media Center in that space as I will be opening myself to all kinds of attacks from the “black box”, ASIC “Application-Specific Integrated Circuit” engineers out there that will school me on how Windows is not an appropriate for that job.  (Though that may include future conversations about Windows Embedded 😉

Read the rest of Ray’s post to find out this topic plans

So welcome to Ray, I am looking forward to seeing what he comes up with, leave comments for Ray on his blog if you have any questions or suggestions

The Current and Future State of PC’s In Marine Automation and How Windows Media Center will close that GAP – A 6 Part Series

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