HP’s new consumer focused tablet PC the tx2000 looks like it will make a great Media Center PC. Unlike the the previous model (tx1000) this has a duel digitiser, which means you can use it with touch or active digitiser pen. So you get the best of both world, touch is handy when using Media Center and the active digitiser pen allows for actuate inking. I have a HP 2710p tablet pc and its a great lightweight business Tablet PC  but the tx2000 looks like a better consumer tablet PC.

The AMD dual core processor rocks and the tx2000 is a very fast notebook.  It runs Windows Media Center rock solid and is a joy to use and HP made sure that the great-sounding stereo speakers are not covered up even when the screen is rotated into slate mode.  It plays media very, very nicely and it’s great to watch videos using the Media Center.  There is a cool remote control that fits into a storage slot on the side of the tx2000 for charging and storage and it rounds out a great multimedia computer.

jkOnTheRun: HP announces tx2000 Tablet PC- it’s a keeper

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