As I have mentioned before I am a Samsung Q1 user and one program I never got work was Dialkey’s (I wiped XP off and put Vista on)

Today I watched a video showing off the new version which looks very nice, it has lots of addition features like Windows Live Writer Integration.

DialKeys Gen2 provides Windows XP and Windows Vista touch, thumb and pen
devices with an interface for text input, email launching in just 2 clicks, Geo Tagged
picture snap shooting, and many more features.

You can download a time limited free beta from Dialkeys and watch the video HERE, I am going to try it tonight on my Samsung

DialKeys Gen2: Overview

UPDATE: I installed it on my Sony UX and while the small UX is a bit small for DialKeys it does work. I am looking forward to trying it on my Samsung

Dialkeys v2 

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