I thought I would do an update on the status of Media Center Health Montior. The Windows Client has been updated to fix a number of bugs and the Web service has been significantly updated. All the pages on the web site have been "Ajaxed"  so the main status page now automatically updates when there are any status changes and with it being Ajax there is no unsightly page refresh. I have also added RSS feeds to the application. There is an RSS feed for the status of your Media Center systems and an RSS feed for the events coming from Media Center. This means you don’t have to visit the web site to check the status you can use your favourite RSS reader (I have tested it with Google Reader and IE). With the RSS feed you can use the RSS feed Reader gadget for Windows Sidebar and get the status alerts there.

The 10 Foot Media Center UI only does not work on Extenders due to a security problem but I am re-writing it so that it will work and it will monitor multiple Media Centers

To register for the service go to Health.TheDigitalLifestyle.com, create an account and download the client software

Any feedback go to the forums or email me beta [at] Thedigitallifestyle.com


2 thoughts on “Update on Media Center Health Monitor”
  1. Thank you Ian for bringing this back! I’ve been running the old (1.6?) in standalone for months with great results on the local machine. I was hoping this newest version would fix a problem that started last week after I cleared old Windows Logs. Since then, WHM systray ICON has a huge red X on it and all the errors inside WHM say Critical Error: Unknown Error – Index [-numbers vary] is out of bounds”. I’ve googled for hours which is how I found your update today. Do you know what I messed up by clearing Windows7 Pro’s Logs? Thank you! Robert

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