Chris Lanier has a glimmer of hope that Sky and DIRECTTV maybe coming to Media Center. He found a couple of jobs indicating that development has started.

There is nothing official but like Chris I am hoping that some new will be out at CES

According to the job posting, Microsoft is working with newly developed dual satellite tuners.  Among the basic features will be Pay-Per-View (PPV) access and H.264 HD.  These features aren’t that exciting if you understand how satellite works; you must have two-way communications for it to function so you are not going to run into the one-way OCUR issue and DIRECTV has moved to H.264 for all new HD.  That said, it is now confirmed that it will support both.

In addition, DIRECTV support in Media Center appears to support in-band EPG data.  Instead of using Internet-based EPG listings, it looks as if Media Center will use the EPG data currently delivered by satellite.  This is important for several reasons, but among the top is more accurate data delivered whenever needed.

In a second posting, Microsoft states that they working with satellite TV providers in both the US and in Europe, which could just mean Sky TV users will have something to look forward to next year as well.


First DIRECTV Tuner Details? – Chris Lanier’s Blog

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