One of my favourite developers of Media Center applications is Niall Ginsbrough, Niall has been nominated for multiple awards in this years Media Center Show Awards and his latest application looks a real winner. Big Screen Weather v1 was a great looking application but it only covered Australia, now with v2 it covers most of the world. Looking at the screen shots it really makes use of the power of MCML (Media Center Markup Language). Release looks like being Jan 08 with no pricing detailed at the moment.

More details on the Big Screen Blog


  • Latest Detailed Global Weather Observations (for over 5000 locations worldwide – including Europe, Asia, Africa, N/S America, Australasia)
  • Forecasts (3-7 day) for over 4000 locations worldwide
  • Satellite Imagery, Animated Radar Loops (US + Australia only) and Charts – with a preset catalog of over 1400 images.
  • ‘TV Weather’ style Geo Browsing of worldwide observations – with panning and zooming to locations (Continent, Region, Country and State levels).
  • MultiLingual UI and Weather data (9 languages) : English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish  + Danish. (DBCS + RTL Language support such as Hebrew + Japanese are planned for Q1 next year).

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