Lots of news around Windows Home Server today, my pick of the day is the press release from Embedded Automation. They have announced an mControl add-in for Windows Home Server:

Today, in conjunction with the general availability of Microsoft’s Windows Home Server, Embedded Automation is releasing the mControl Add-In for Windows Home Server. Based on mControl v2 (Home Edition), the mControl Add-In provides ‘Digital Home’ control functionality to the Windows Home Server platform including the ability to:
>> Monitor and control home security systems and thermostats
>> View and record IP cameras
>> Monitor and control INSTEON, Z-Wave and other lighting devices
>> Send and respond to IR (remote control) messages
Embedded Automation has tailored the mControl Add-In to work seamlessly with Windows Home Server by:
>> Using the native Windows Home Server Add-In installation management functionality – simply copy the mControl Add-In to the Software Add-Ins share and use the Settings console to manage installation.
>> Adding a Windows Home Server Console tab to provide administrative and diagnostic functionality for the mControl Add-In.
>> Adding mControl as a Windows Home Server web application to provide convenient and secure remote access through a personalized login.
“The mControl Add-In is an exciting example of how Windows Home Server provides a platform for a wide range of solutions for the home,” said Steven VanRoekel, director of Windows Server Solutions at Microsoft. “We are thrilled to work with Embedded Automation to make the benefits of home automation available and affordable to a broad audience.”
“Windows Home Server is already a great platform because it provides a convenient and easy way to protect, centralize and share personal digital media. The mControl Add-in extends the capability of Windows Home Server by allowing users to monitor and control their home – from managing lights to viewing security cameras,” said Ted Singh, Business Development Manager of Embedded Automation. “Users have access to the entire mControl functionality from systems connected with their Windows Home Server, including networked Windows Media Center PCs and remote connections.”

The mControl Add-in for Windows Home Server is available from Embedded Automation’s website and other distributors.
For the corresponding press release from Microsoft:
Windows Home Server Virtual Pressroom from Microsoft:
Microsoft’s ‘Digital Home‘ Demo:
To download the mControl Add-In for Windows Home Server, please visit:
The Installation Guide for the mControl Add-In for Windows Home Server:
http://www.embeddedautomation.com/mC…20Manual .pdf
About mControl
Thousands of customers worldwide use mControl software to view, manage and secure their “digital homes”. mControl integrates lighting systems, security panels, security cameras, climate control and audio/visual components into a unified interface which is accessible through televisions using a remote control, via an Internet browser, through touch screens and even by voice. mControl meshes seamlessly within a Media Center environment to provide an integrated home control and media management solution.
About Embedded Automation
Founded in 1998, Embedded Automation designs, manufactures, and markets solutions for “Digital Home” under the mHome product family. mHome products allow consumers to easily and affordably add control and media management capabilities to their homes. mHome products are available from Embedded Automation and through the mHome Authorized Dealer Network.

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