Yesterday I attended an open day for MVPs at Microsoft’s Reading Office. As well as having presentations from Microsoft employees on various technologies (Silverlight was a highlight for me) there were presentations by other MVPs. Andrew Cherry (interviewed on show 120) presented an introduction in to developing Media Center applications which attracted a good crowd. I think most where there just to see what this "Media Center thing" can do but after watching the presentation they were very impressed with the potential of the platform and a few left with a real interest in starting Media Center development. I think that the MVPs were amazed at the potential the platform has and thanks to Andrews great presentation how accessible devolvement is. Andrew went from Hello World to a Music browser step by step and it showed that it is possible to product a great looking application in Media Center using your existing .NET skills

The problem seems to be that developers don’t know how extensible Media Center is and by showing the technology off to a handful of developers yesterday Andrew has properly got a few new MCE developers on board, now if presentations like this could reach a wider developer community I think we would have more developers interested in Media Center.

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