Aaron Stebner has posted details on the updated Windows Vista Media Center SDK:

This refresh will automatically upgrade any previous version of the Windows Vista Media Center SDK that you have on your system.  This refresh is mostly aimed at enhancing some of the documentation and sample code.  It does not include new versions of the tools like the MCML Preview Tool (McmlPad), but it does now include the MCML Preview Tool Launcher power toy that was previously only available as a separate download.

Download from:



More details on Aaron Stebner’s blog


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  1. How do you get media center to play DVD files from hard drives please? It keeps saying it there are no video files in the folder and if it cannot do this simple task why not? Also, when will media center be able to play blu-ray and HD DVD? This system is designed to be able to use a PC as a media center where dvd movies and music etc can be played from the hard drives as I understand it but if it cant even do something as simple as play a dvd from hard drive in this day and age then it is pretty but useless.

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