This is the first time I wish I didn’t have a Prius wish (almost) all of this built in (and also non-replaceable) as I would be all over this.

Meet Driv-N: The future of automotive connectivity and entertainment
Brings all of the functionality of a high powered PC where it’s never been before – your car. Watch DVD movies, listen to CDs, MP3s, enjoy XM online satellite radio, Internet Radio and browse the web, while remaining connected to to your home or office PC in ways you’ve never imagined. Seamlessly access all of your home media files and documents without the clumsiness and risk of balancing a notebook on the passenger seat. Best of all, Driv-N can be controlled entirely by voice! Simply speak the song/movie title, artist, album or genre and Driv-N will play your selection, whether it’s on your car PC, home PC or notebook.Driv-N Car PC Chassis

Like a traditional car amplifier, Driv-N’s rugged extruded aluminum chassis may be installed under the seat or in the trunk, with a plethora of touchscreen options ranging from a motorized in-dash solution with AM/FM radio that slides down to reveal a DVD-ROM drive, to roof mounted or headrest mounted solutions that can either compliment or replace an existing car stereo or DVD Player. Driv-N’s smart car power supply survives engine cranks and shuts your PC down properly when you turn your vehicle off, keeping your data safe.

Vehicle PC - Bluetooth, GSM, Edge, Wi-Fi, Wireless G

Mobile Internet Browsing – Surf the web from your car
Fancy yourself a Wardriver?  Browse the Internet at high speed from thousands of hot spots or through your mobile phone provider’s high speed connection.  Look up movie times, restaurant guides and check your email without exiting your vehicle.

Transfer over your scheduled appointments, favorites, contacts, email and have them read aloud to you while you’re driving, courtesy of One Voice’s advanced speech recognition engine, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road.

DVD and CD playback with Windows Vista Media CenterAbsolute Media Playback – CD, DVD, MP3, MPG and more
If your home PC can play it, Driv-N can play it too; without the file type or encoding limitations found in standard head units. Best of all, there’s no files to transfer. Driv-N can play back all standard CDs, DVD movies, Internet video or you can remotely network with your home PC for unlimited access to all of the music in your shared media folders.

One Voice Media Center CommunicatorMedia Center Communicator Speech Recognition by One Voice Technologies: Just say it to play it
Hands free operation has never been easier! Simply speak the name of the song, artist, album, genre or movie title you want to play and Media Center Communicator will play it instantly.

And unlike most voice recognition packages, Media Center Communicator requires no voice training and can even understand most common accents with outstanding clarity. With the powerful networking capabilities in Windows Vista, Media Center Communicator can play all of the video and audio files on your home computers or Xbox 360 as well.

XM satellite radio - CarputerAM/FM radio, Internet Radio and XM Satellite Radio
Expand your music options like never before with full access to familiar AM and FM radio stations, optional 170+ XM Satellite Radio stations and hundreds more Internet radio stations from around the world. Driv-N is also compatible with all external XM Radio FM Modulators.

Driv-N features an integrated reverse switch compatible with all composite rearview CCD Cameras that activates when you’re backing up for provides additional safety, day or night.OBD II diagnostics automotive computer pc

OBD II In-Vehicle diagnostics
Ever wonder what the ‘check engine light’ means? Driv-N’s optional OBD II Vehicle Diagnostics will tell you and also allow you to clear codes without a trip to the mechanic.

OBD II diagnostics also allow you to monitor vehicle speed, engine rpm, temperature, performance, sensors and more via real time onscreen graphs.

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