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This week I talk to Steven Cheung of Vidabox looking at their dual HD Systems and talking about the pros and cons of HD-DVD and Blu-ray

I also have email,news items, forums posts and the first winners of the MyMovies competition

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The Media Center Show with Orb Networks

Show Times:

01:00 Coming up this week
01:57 Email –Niveus Pocket Remote
03:23 Email – Webguide 4.0
03:47 Missing guide data thread on avforums
04:47 New Vista blog from Tony Campbell
05:30 Windows Vista: Beyond The Manual
06:00 Big Screen Headlines gets an update
06:50 MAMECenter from Steven Harding (see his developer blog)
07:50 Orb’s 10 foot UI
09:34 The Digital Lifestyle Video Show – Windows Home Server Part 1
10:13 What features would you like to see in Music for Media Center – see the forums
11:13 Giveaway update
11:31 Forum Post of the week
12:08 First draft of “Using Windows Vista Media Center”
13:30 MyMovies Competition
15:47 A Message from Onevoice
16:51 Welcome to Steven
17:12 Vidabox background
19:47 Silent Servers
20:48 Audio bit rates
23:55 Case design
25:50 HD-DVD and Blu-Ray
40:46 Vidasafe Storage
45:44 Vista Support
46:36 How to get in touch
46:50 Get in touch [email protected]
Music by Ian Dixon


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