Its funny how news gets recycled around the web. Mary Jo Foley on her blog talked about the new version of Windows Media Center and how it could ship before the next version of Vista. You may have seen last week Charlie Owen posted on his blog that Microsoft have released a new version of Media Center every year and this year should be no different.

Mary says the code name is "Fiji"  (nothing official from Microsoft on that yet), and she also asks

* Why is the Media Center team going back to its "out of band" release strategy? Was Diamond/Vista just a one-time aberration?

* Is this change permanent — i.e., are attempts by Microsoft to sync up Media Center with core Windows client releases a thing of the past (and part of the grand plan to speed up Windows client development/delivery)?

I can’t speak for Microsoft, but I see it as the Media Center team keeping up to date with a fast moving market. Its something that will be discussed on future episodes of The Media Center Show


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