Olcay Buyan let me know that Nial Ginsbough has posted details of his new application that as he says "He is hard working on"

Olcay Buyan from MCEDev (author of MCE Customizer) – has been busy creating a great new ‘killer’ addin for Vista Media Center – ‘Media Center Cutter’. A beta version of this app has been shown for the first time at Cebit 2007 (Hannover, Germany) – which started last week.

As the name suggests – this addin allows you to visually edit/cut your DVR-MS files from within Media Center (ie for removal of ads, or removal of pre/post buffering on your files)- using a MCML based User Interface. ‘Jobs’ are then sent to a running Windows Service which performs the conversion/processing work for you. (via use of WCF).
The MCML based visual Editor is also done really well (see screenshots below) – and provides a ‘storyboard’ approach to editing – a huge improvement again on previous MCE2005 offerings.

More details on Nial’s blog


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