I talked about installing Vista on my main Media Center PC and I am glad to inform you that it’s still working well and Media Center is looking great.

My next task was to upgrade my main work laptop. This is a Sony Vaio VGN-FE22H, its about 8 months old, dual core with 1.5GB memory (and is Vista Premium Certified so I didn’t worry about driver support)

I have to admit it has been running very slow recently, I guess it’s all the applications I have installed so I was thinking of doing a clean install, but then I thought I would see what the upgrade process was like and if it didn’t work out I would do a clean install as planned.

I put the disk in entered the product key and off it went. 3 hours later Vista was installed and most of the applications were working, Visual Studio needed a service pack, Microsoft’s ISA Firewall Client needed updating and that was about it. Even IBM as/400 software works and that didn’t work to well on XP.

Two bigger issues are Microsoft SMS 2003 Remote tools don’t work and I use that at work to remote on to users PC and Active Directory for Users and Computers doesn’t work but I think there is a fix for this.

So far it’s been a positive experiences and I glad I did an upgrade over a clean install and reinstall all my apps.

So just my HP TC1100 Tablet PC to sort out

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