The Media Center Show #95 (MP3 – 18.4mb-  53mins 36secs)
by Ian Dixon



This week on the show I am taking to Rathe Hollingum a Microsoft developer from the European development center in Ireland. We are going to be talking about the center and what they are adding to Media Center to make it a more global product. I have email, a winner of forum post of the week and details of a new competition

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Show Times

00:32 Coming up this week
01:02 Questions regarding Show #94
03:13 Winner of Forum thread of the week
03:48 Next weeks winner gets Pamaela Pro + mcePhone Bundle
04:10 New Forums, The Lounge, Video Cards and Tips and Tricks
05:29 Windows Home Server Beta 2 – register for the beta
06:40 Aufero -BitTorrent client use with Windows Vista Media Center
07:28 Where are the Media Center Sidebar gadgets?
09:00 Links to my blog and
09:40 A message from Onevoice
10:07 Welcome to Rathe Hollingum
10:30 What is Microsoft’s European Development Center
13:00 Tuning changes in Vista
14:40 Telex improvement
15:21 Digital Text is coming to Media Center!
17:40 Subtitles in DVB
18:12 European Standards
20:10 DVB-S cards in Media Center
22:06 Guide data in the DVB-T signal
29:10 Working with Microsoft Redmond
31:00 TV differences around Europe
33:33 New counties joining Europe
35:00 Cable support
36:00 Australian Support
38:58 Future developments
44:50 Extender support
46:22 Don’t forget the new email , forums and blogs

Music by Ian Dixon

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3 thoughts on “The Media Center Show No.95 Rathe Hollingum (Microsoft European Development Center)”
  1. Hi Ian!

    As a long-time (European) listener, I’ve got to say, that this show was probably your best.

    Great to hear that Microsoft is finally putting some serious effort into European DVB-x standards. However, I was sad to learn that DVD-C won’t be supported anytime soon…
    However now that I’ve got that information, I can act accordingly.

    This is probably one of the biggest problems with the Media Center team – you really don’t know what standards they’re going to support until the release, which is very frustrating. But this podcast really shed some light on that – at least for the next update, which probably will be at the end of 20007 – with Vista SP1.

    Now I’ll have to look at FireDTV-solution for DVD-C 🙂

    FireDTV-info here:

    Thank you for a great podcast and keep up the great work!

    King regards

  2. Hi Ian,

    great podcast – one question, when Rathe talks about the next release of Media Center, is he talking about SP1 or later?

    Thanks for bringing this information to the world, its good to actually be able to hear where the product is going, so often its left until the product is released, which is no good for most customers who would like to know where the product is heading to plan ahead.


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