The Media Center Show #92 (MP3 – 24.5mb- 1hour 11mins 21secs)
by Ian Dixon


Welcome to The Media Center Show Awards. Joining me to talk about the results is Windows expert Ed Bott, we also catch up with a few of the winners.
There is a major new competition coming to the show the My Movies Contribution Competition 2007. This is a great competition that My Movies is running where you get rewarded for your contribution to the My Movies database, it has some great prizes and I will be drawing winners on future shows, so check that out in the show.

Thanks to everybody that voted I couldn’t do the award show without you! 

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Show Times:
00:39 Coming this week
01:00 Windows Vista is here, find out how I got on upgrading
01:30 My Movies Contribution Competition 2007
05:07 Welcome to Ed Bott
05:50 Windows Vista
10:17 Best Commercial Application 3rd – mceTunes, – 2nd Orb, 1st – mControl
11:27 Ted Singh from Embedded Automation talks about mControl
16:57 Best Communication Tool – 3rd Onevoice ,2nd Skype, 1st Windows Messenger
19:50 Extender Usage
22:30 Best Community Resource – 3rd, 2nd, 1st The Green Button
23:34 Best Enthusiast Media Center Blog – 3rd Big Screen Blog, 2nd Ed Bott’s Media Center Blog, 1st Chris Lanier
28:32 A Message from Onevoice
29:11 TV Card stats
31:24 CableCard
36:32 Best non commercial application 3rd – mceWeather, 2nd Webguide 4.0, 1st – MyMovies
39:06 Brian Binnerup talks about MyMovies
48:41 Should developers have access to the look and feel of Media Center?
51:49 Best Online Spotlight Application – mceWeather
55:21 Best Hardware Manufacturer 3rd Cannon, 2nd Niveus, 1st Shuttle
58:50 Best Media Center Utility – 3rd MyRemoteMouse, 2nd DVD-WMV, 1st DVR-MS Toolbox
1:00:00 Best Microsoft Blog, 3rd Matt Goyer (ex Microsoft), 2nd – Charlie Owen, 1st – Aaron Stebner
1:05:00 Best Vista Media Center Application – Big Screen Headlines
1:06:00 Stats on Vista upgrades
1:09:00 Onevoice winner
1:10:00 Go to The Media Center Show community site

Music by Ian Dixon

Media Center Communicator

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