One gadget that is really missing from the Windows Sidebar in Vista is a Windows Media Center Gadget. I am always checking what I have set to record, what has recently recorded and whether Media Center is recording at the moment and it would be great if there was a Sidebar gadget that I could glance at and see what is going on with Media Center.

Actually I surprised at the lack of Microsoft developed Sidebar gadgets in general, maybe now Vista is out of the door more will be coming, but as ever independent developers try and fill that gaps and Doug Berret of Webguide fame is developing a gadget that integrates with Webguide, so I will be trying this out as soon as I can. He did say he was looking at a remote version of it, so you could have it on your work PC and it would keep you up to date on what your Media Center PC at home is doing.

It would be nice to see more gadgets for Media Center coming out, if I had the time I would like to develop a recently recorded gadget.


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  1. There just so happens to be that gadget in Windows 7. I’ve been trying to find if it is also available for Vista but no joy 🙁

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