Chris Lanier has details of a new plug in for the Vista edition of Windows Media Center. It’s a BitTorrent application written in Media Center Markup Language so you get the great look and feel of a Vista Media Center application. It sounds like its early day of the development and the developer has a blog talking about the application. Here are some of the features talked about on the blog


  • Navigate and view collections of general information, previews, trailers, reviews, releases from scene to theatre to DVD and torrents related to your media or media you will be interested in.
  • Aufero uses about fifty sources for its information gathering, a lot of it is irrelevant but over time it gathers more relevant information about present and future. For instance it definitely is worth scheduling the download of "Magnum P.I. ‘trailer’" (scheduled for release sometime in ’07) already today.
  • Aufero is written completely from scratch with the sole purpose of being a Vista Media Center application.
  • Manage existing library of downloaded media.
  • Manage a Wish List of interesting videos that you would like to know about.
  • Automatic download of videos on your Wish List as Torrents becomes available (give it some hours to monitor activity after something is released)
  • Manual downloading of torrents.
  • Seemlessly play non-WMV (eg. XviD etc) on XBox360 using Aufero’s media library (requires TVersity)
  • Subtle notification on your screen when something you had on your Wish List is found, downloaded, unpacked, indexed and moved into your library.
  • Notification of relevant events through mail when you are not in front of your TV.
  • Built using MCML/Media Center Managed code for that smooth look we all love 🙂
  • The user interface tries to be simple to increase the Wife-Acceptance and make them schedule their own downloads. I apologize to any ladies that might be reading this, but I wonder how many times I’ve gotten the question: Can you get [some obscure movie from 1988]. Now I can just point at the remote control and if it isn’t available now, it will be downloaded in the future. Does this sound sexistic? Unintended, I promise.


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